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The DIY Basement Finish Panel System...the Green Drywall Alternative for the 21st Century

  Complete finishing system for your home or basement
Delivered direct to your home
  Easy to install
Finish your basement in one weekend!
  Specifically designed for your basement environment
Mold, mildew and fire resistant
  Create additional living space in your home
Improve the value of your home without the expense of an addition
  Save up to 60% on finished cost
compared to other basement finishing products



Will DIY Basement Finish System waterproof my basement?

The DIY Basement Finish System is moisture, mold, and mildew resistant. Although made to withstand a high-humidity environment in your basement, it is not a waterproofing system. If you have a problem with water coming into your basement, you need to have it fixed before installing the DIY Basement Finish System.

How long does it take to finish a basement?

This of course depends on the size of the basement, whether or not there are waterproofing issues to resolve first, etc. However, a typical basement can be finished with DIY Basement Finish System in about 2-weeks

Why is the DIY Basement Finish panel better than drywall?

Ignoring that drywall is messy to hang, creates hazardous dust, and takes 3-4 times longer to install, compared to DIY Basement Finish System, drywall was never designed to withstand the basement environment. Unlike DIY Basement Finish System, drywall does not resist mold, mildew or moisture (in fact, mold likes to grow on it); it easily dents, and seals your access to pipes and wiring, to name just a few problems. Using drywall in a basement is much like using untreated lumber for an outside porch - it just doesn't last.

Recommendation for Smooth Finish Panels:

ready MixWe have recently had a situation in which joints cracked using the mesh tape on our wall panels. Basically this was due to using a ready mixed "all purpose joint compound."  While looking into this i have been made aware that often times the rolls of mesh tape have instructions on the label to "use with a setting type joint compound".

When using mesh tape we need to stress that this type of tape requires the use of a "setting type joint compound". The red white and blue bags of Sheetrock brand compound also say "setting type..." But in my opinion the "durabond" version shown below cannot be beat. It's simply a lot stronger.

Durabond is much harder to sand than the R,W&Blue "lightweight" easy sand version, but is my recommendation.

What color are DIY Basement Finish panels?

The color of the panels is primed and ready to paint. These panels are 100% paintable! You can make them any color that you wish.

How much does the DIY Basement Finish System cost?

The cost will depend on the size of your basement as well as certain options and choices you select. The cost is somewhat more than drywall, yet less than other commercial panels available. However, finishing a basement should not be looked at as "cost", but rather an investment. According to Remodeling Magazine, up to 90% of the cost of finishing a basement can be recouped in the first year, adding value to your home.

How sturdy and strong are DIY Basement Finish panels??

DIY Basement Finish panels are virtually impervious to fire, water, insects, does not feed mold or mildew, is non-toxic, non-flammable, and non-combustible. Insects such as termites and carpenter ants are unable to survive on DIY Basement Finish panels. The panels are so durable that they maintained their dimensional stability even when soaked during testing. They showed absolutely no structural change after 25 cycles of freeze/thaw. The panels have high impact resistance, making them good for damage-prone basements in hurricane areas. Each panel is strong enough to support 360 lbs. of additional weight. Go ahead and hang that big plasma TV with confidence.

Hanging a large TV flat on the wall is not a problem. We generally recommend that the mounting plate of the TV is installed onto the wall panel before it (the wall panel) is installed in place. The mounting plate should be secured with “through bolts” (around a 5/16” diameter) along with a fender washer on the reverse side of the panel to prevent the bolt from pulling through the wall panel. Extendable TV mounts have not been formally tested on our wall panels.

As for kitchen cabinets, we recommend switching to steel studs with backing blocks installed between the studs for mounting the kitchen cabinets to. The studs can be sheeted with our MgO skins (either textured or not) so the wall aesthetics are uninterrupted. We are in the process of designing a wall panel for the purpose of hanging cabinets but at this point it is in design phase.

What is the R-Value of the panels used in DIY Basement Finish System?

Our panels have an R value of 11. The "R" refers to resistance to heat flow. The high-density closed cell recycled foam panels work to keep the heat in your home in the winter and the heat out of your home in the summer.

After my basement is finished, will I have access to my foundation walls?

Yes. Because your basement contains most of the plumbing and electrical components of your house, it is imperative that easy access be maintained. DIY Basement Finish System panels are easily removed to allow access in the event of a problem.

Are the materials used mold and mildew resistant?

Yes. DIY Basement Finish System was designed for the humid basement environment and are moisture, mold, and mildew resistant.

Have the components of DIY Basement Finish system been independently tested?

Yes. The components of DIY Basement Finish System have been independently tested by certified laboratories for flammability, thermal, moisture/mold-resistance, and stability performance and are building code compliant with the International Residential Code.

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